ASIC Mining Containers

RIG-1 $4,790.00

Hyperbit is now offering custom water cooled mining containers, shipping worldwide! Price cannot be beaten for quality! We can also customise to your needs.

Once purchased through our site we will contact you directly to arrange shipping and logistics.

Container Sizes:

32 piece - $4,790 USD
72 piece - $6,490 USD
108 piece - $9,590 USD
432 piece* - $18,790 USD

*Designed for outdoor use / Shipping Additional


32pc - 1280mm x 1400mm x 1520mm 
72px - 1860mm x 1930mm x 2210mm 
108pc - 3350mm x 1875mm x 2210mm
432pc - 5750mm x 2300mm x 3000mm 


    32pc - 150kg
    72pc - 320kg
    108pc - 580kg
    432pc - 3000kg

      *without miners installed


      Dust Screen
      Water Curtain
      Negative pressure fans
      Continuous cooling
      2000 to 3000 w/h per miner
      220 or 380 volt
      3 Phase power input
      Distribution units
      Networking & Cabling
      Customisations available on request

        Warranty: 12 months
        Shipping: 10 business days from confirmed order

        Manufacture Videos:

        Video 1
        Video 2
        Video 3
        Video 4