X7+ Fusion Silicon

X11/Dash 366GH/s 1900W

Current return per day: $18.11*

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X1 Fusion Silicon

Lyra2rev2 12.96GH/s 1110W

Current return per day: $21.37*

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X2 Fusion Silicon

X2 Multi Algorithm 900W

Current return per day: $35*

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Hosting from 5.9c per kWh*

Efficient, economical and environmentally friendly

The only way to mine!

We understand the frustrations of finding the right mining location to maximise profit. We offer all up solutions from 5.9c kwh*.

You can purchase miners in bulk through us or send your own. Once they're delivered, we'll take care of the rest. Miner install. Maintenance. Monitoring.

It's a fully transparent, turnkey solution for your mining business. And best of all, all of our mining facilities use renewable "green" energy.

Custom Mining Containers

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"A big thank you to Hyperbit for getting our miners to us safely. If anyone is looking for the fastest ASIC Litecoin miner check them out..."

Facebook | December 6th

"We got onboard with Hyperbit early, great communication, always available & most importantly, the latest batch are up and running!"

Facebook | October 12th


About us

Hyperbit is a full "turn-key" crypto mining service provider. 

Our passionate team source cutting edge ASIC mining hardware and provide the world's lowest cost 'green’ mining locations.

Hyperbit prides itself on its professional fast service and client first mindset.

We also are miners and we love to help others achieve their personal mining goals. Reach out to us at team@hyperbitshop.io